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Welcome to Hearts and Minds Psychological Services

Teletherapy for trauma, anxiety, and depression

I am Dr. Sarah Afriecq, licensed psychologist


Why I Do What I Do

I am passionate about providing psychological services to those who may feel excluded or stigmatized by seeking therapy and mental health treatment due to factors such as gender, race, profession, or religious beliefs. This includes, but is not limited to men, minorities, first responders, etc. Seeking therapy does not make you "weak, less than, incompetent, or morally lacking." I have spent a majority of my career serving those who are underserved by the mental health system and fighting stigma through research, prevention, and treatment. I am grateful to those who have entrusted their care to me and I hope that if you are reading this you will feel empowered to step into the therapy space with me. ​

What I Treat

I am most interested in treating trauma. Trauma changes you. It is often wrestling with this notion that you are not who you once were after experiencing a traumatic event(s) that can cause a great deal of sadness, anger, and stress. Trauma changes  how you feel and think about yourself, other people, and the world.  It may be hard to feel happiness or joy. Images or memories of the trauma may appear unexpectedly or from reminders. You may spend much of your time avoiding people, places, and situations you once enjoyed because you do not want to be reminded of your trauma. You may be lacking in motivation or desire to do much of anything. Your sleep and focus maybe impacted. You may feel on edge or find it hard to relax.

​How I Help

I use evidence based treatments (EBTs) for trauma, specifically Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Prolonged Exposure, or Cognitive Processing Therapy. These EBTs directly target behaviors and thoughts to reduce the frequency and intensity of trauma symptoms that I discussed above. I am a skills driven solutions based clinician. In our work together, you will be able to take tools/skills  learned in therapy and apply it to your daily life because the real work and change occurs outside of the therapy office!


How I Do It

I chose teletherapy as my mode of treatment delivery in order to bridge the gap between those seeking therapy, but who may not be able to or may not want to go to a traditional brick and mortar therapy practice. Teletherapy provides flexibility,  convenience, and is cost effective. I provide EBTs that you would receive in person. Under PSYPACT, I am able to practice teletherapy across state boundaries. Click here to see if you are in a PSYPACT participating state. 

Other Areas of Focus

I am trained as a generalist, which means that I provide treatment that addresses many different issues and psychological conditions. In addition to trauma, I am most interested in these areas:

Image by Vince Fleming

Identity/Self Development

Are you experiencing an inner conflict? Are you experiencing familial or societal pressures to meet certain expectations or milestones at certain times? Does the life set forth for you, conflict with what you want in your life? As we go through life, we learn to suppress our own wants, needs, desires to appease those around us. We  lose connection to our genuine and authentic self. In therapy, I will help you connect or reconnect to your core values and beliefs so that you can figure out what a fulfilled purposeful life looks like for you. 

Image by Paola Chaaya


Have you been feeling sad/worried more days than not? Most of the day than not? Depression and anxiety can feel isolating and consuming. You may have tried to do several things on your own to address sadness/worrying with little relief. I will provide you with education on how  depression and anxiety manifests so that you are able to identify your personal triggers and also give you evidence based tools that will help you  manage your mood. You will be able to feel less weighted down as you move through the world. 

Image by Javier Allegue Barros

Transitions/Phase of Life

Has there been a change in your life that you are struggling to adjust to? Are you feeling dread, doubt, fear, overwhelm, or just numb? Transitions are a difficult time for many of us because of the disruption in predictability or routine, which leaves us feeling powerless or out of control. Therapy provides an opportunity to voice your doubts and concerns in a safe space. Most importantly, we can discuss how to reclaim power and control by establishing new routines, rituals, and embracing change.


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